In May 1864 a Chapel was built on the site of our present Church known as Salem Chapel. After a few years this ceased to function. Some of the original members sought to re-commence this work and with the aid from other Baptists the building was transferred to the London Baptist Association as Trustees, and after repairs, was opened again in 1868 as the Union Chapel West Green.

For the last 141 years a Baptist Church has continued to witness on this site. The adjoining land was purchased later and the Memorial Hall was built in 1886 and was known as the " Iron Room" and used to house the Sunday School which by 1907 had grown to 300 plus with another 200 meeting in a hall in Avenue Road. In 1924 the Dorset Halls were built at a cost of £3,673.00 and this enabled the Sunday School work to continue and be housed under one roof. The coming of World War II had a profound effect on the Church with so many members serving in the forces and most of the children being evacuated to the country. During this time the Memorial Hall became unfit for use. This was renovated in 1953 in memory of Mr H Jackson who for 36 years was Church Secretary.

Today the Memorial Hall is again unfit for use however, considering that it has stood there for 122 years it has served the Church and the community well. We are now actively seeking to rebuild the Memorial Hall which will enable us to provide a wider service to the community.

We are now actively seeking to rebuild the Memorial Hall which will enable us to provide a wider service to the community in a new purpose built two storey Community Hall in the footprint of the old Memorial Hall. See page - "Current and Future Initiatives"

West Green Baptist Church - Through the year.


Over our 140 years of existence, many gifted men and women have served our Church. The Church experienced growth and nurture during the different periods that these men and women served here as they brought their gifts and personalities into their respective ministries. Below is a register of Ministers who have served at West Green Baptist Church, formerly Salem Chapel, West Green

Rev. Terry Gallagher

Rev. D.R. Crisp

Rev. Steve Jackson

Rev. Eric Laing

Rev. N.L. Stokes

Rev E.A. Rhaidr-Jones

Rev W A Livingstone

Rev Thomas T Gough


The Church pays glowing tribute to all these men and women who have made significant contributions to the growth of West Green Baptist Church. We honour with gratitude the memory of those who have passed into life eternal and are proud of those who are still alive. Those who are still alive are:

• Rev. Eric Laing
• Rev. D.R. Crisp
• Rev. Terry Gallagher
• Rev. Steve Jackson

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