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Our Church is headed up by a Leadership Team made up of Elders (Overseers) headed up by a Lead Pastor, and also Deacons who support the Elders by managing key areas/Ministries.

We also have various Team Leaders, each responsible for different groups/ministries. Take a look around & get to know us.

Pastor Stephen Agilinko

Rev. Stephen Agilinko [PhD] and Wife

Our Pastor is Stephen Agilinko. He is married to Diana Apent and they have five children. He had served in one of the Churches of the Ghana Baptist Convention in his home country for nine years before he came to study for an M.A. in Religious Studies (specialising in Islam) at the University of Lancaster. He was called to the pastorate of West Green Baptist Church in May 2004.

  • The Minister/Pastor exercises leadership together with the body of Elders. Biblically speaking, the Pastor/Minister is an elder with the gift of preaching and teaching (Ephesians 4:11).
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  • With the other Elders, the Minister/Pastor aims to prepare the people of God (i.e. the Church) for ministry both within and outside of the Church.
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  • The Eldership which is currently made up of four members and the Pastor is the official body with the responsibility of overall oversight and offering leadership to the Church.
Mr Trevor Lewis

Mr Trevor Lewis

Ms Kelme Onyeomah

Mrs Kelme Onyeomah

Mr Trevor Matawe

Mr Trevor Matawe [Finance]

Mrs Zoe Cranston

Mrs Zoe Cranston

Mrs Estela Goudge

Mrs Estela Goudge

Blanche Johnson

Ms Blanche Johnson

  • The Church Council consists of Elders, Deacons and elected Church members some of whom lead teams to carry out the day to day running of the Church and represent members interests for their respective teams at Church Council meetings.
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  • In addition to the above role, the Council together formulate and evaluate Church programmes and activities.

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